I am dedicated to giving you the absolute best of architectural photography, including commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and infrastructure. My job is not to take simple pictures to enhance my company but to take the best image files I can and create the best photographs that highlight your building or project. You are the client and not me.

My photographic journey started in 1970 when I received a Nikon F with the Photomic meter for my 10th birthday and shot many rolls of Kodachrome then, and a few were even published. Come a long way since then, and so has photography as well. Even though I still have a couple of Nikon film cameras, I have gone digital for my commercial work.

Experience with architecture is from the inside, as I have been a journeyman carpenter and professional firefighter for most of my life. Stationed at numerous points worldwide while in the military, which introduced me to architectural designs that many would never get to see. I have a particularly innovative idea of what does and does not look good in a photograph, but I am okay with asking the architect what they want to show.

I started this firm in April 2020 as the pandemic began gaining strength, and while business has been prolonged, every veteran can overcome every challenge. Has come a long way from its beginnings in Detroit, Michigan. When I first started, my passion for photography was so that Jeffrey S Austin LLC could offer you the absolute best.

The firm is an SDVOSB or Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and is SWaM certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia.