Our Corporate Core Values

Jeffrey S Austin LLC is excited to introduce an updated set of core values. The staff and leadership crafted these guiding principles to inform all our work, from the largest projects to day-to-day tasks. The values are the heart of what we stand for and what defines us as a company. We are planning our next chapter, and as we do, these values shall serve to keep our mission-driven and focused on long-term success. In the coming months, you will see new projects and moves.


We work in the sphere of world-class architecture, construction, and infrastructure photography. We strive to meet the highest standard in everything we do.


We do our work with respect, accountability, responsibility, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


We create an environment of exchange and cooperation between our customers, our community, and our peers.


The principles of equity and inclusion shall inform and guide our firm’s work in all areas. We know what diversity and inclusion mean. It is not just a recent trend with us.


To ensure sustainability, we direct resources to balance conservation needs and access to public trust.


We are a learning community: we create new knowledge, train emerging professionals, facilitate and share our expertise with a diverse public.

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